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Ten Minute Flawless Face with e.l.f. .Best forms of beauty

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 More often than not, I need to get ready in a flash.  A last minute invite, a rash decision to go somewhere and everything in between.  When that happens I don’t want to spend forever to get ready, but I need to know that I can get my face on quickly.  I am going to show you some things I have been using lately in my Ten Minute Flawless Face!
 There are a ton of products from e.l.f. that I find truly outstanding.  First thing I would like to mention is the brushes.  There are a few that I have been using for YEARS!  There is a set, the Essential Complete Set of 12 Brushes that costs only $12!  There are some real gems in this set!
Another thing I use on a regular basis are these e.l.f. Studio Lotion Wipes-Vanilla & Coconut.  They are perfect for me, someone who is lazy.  When I am a hurry, I swipe these on my arms and legs straight out of the shower.  I also keep them in my diaper bag.  I love to use them on Raegan!  They also smell DIVINE!

 The e.l.f. Mineral Blemish Powder is very similar to another that I have used from a company that is leaps and bounds more expensive.  The active ingredient is sulfur, which is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for clearing up your complexion.Read more:

Check out all the products that I have been using to get a Ten Minute Flawless Face with e.l.f. Everything from lotion wipes to a fabulous eye tutorial.

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