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Pink Red Glittery Heart Nail Art Ideas

Being in love with someone special is the most amazing feeling in the world!! There is no special time or day to express love for your loved one, but yeah.. Valentine Day is one of the special day in every lover's life. People always express their love for their beloved on this day.

Every girl want to look perfect on this special day, regardless whether she is going out with her love or having a party with friends. Usually, girls like to dress up in red and pink on Valentine day Because these colors are the symbol of love. But, I feel we should wear what we love and in this way our beauty enhance more ;)
These days, nail art become so popular that everyone want just an excuse to get manicure. It become a very important part of our dressing. Nail art also speaks out what we feel and we can express our feeling with our nail art.
Wearing simply a red nail lacquer doesn't look cool for me and I think there are several other girls like me who love to carry different nail art on every occasion ;)
So, I planned to share some amazing nail art ideas for Valentine Day with you. I always try to share some secret techniques with which you can create amazing nail art at home.
I have also used the theme of Valentine Day in my nail art ideas including some hearts, flowers in red and pink color.Read more:
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