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You Should Try Dry Brushing.The best forms of beauty

Learn the RIGHT sequence in dry brushing and reap all of the amazing benefits, like reducing cellulite! 

Dry brushing has been an anti-aging “secret” for centuries. It’s excellent for your skin (your largest organ of detoxification), releases toxins and gets a sluggish lymph system moving, all the while helping to tighten, tone, brighten and reduce cellulite.
Simply put, dry brushing is exercise for your skin.
Use a natural fiber brush – available at most health food stores. You definitely want a brush with some friction, nothing too soft.

Yes, there is a rhyme and a reason to this. The general rule is to always follow the lymph flow by brushing upwards (towards the heart) and by brushing the body in natural sections (like from ankle to knee, etc.)

♥ Brush equally on each side of the body, otherwise you may promote imbalance. Thus, pick a #. If it’s 4, it’s 4 strokes up from foot to knee on the right side of the body; then 4 strokes up the foot to the knee on the left, etc.
♥ Begin by brushing palm of hand from fingertips to wrist. Repeat on back of hand in same direction.
♥ Continue brushing upward from wrist to elbow, front and back. Brush upward elbow to shoulder, front and back.
♥ Brush down through armpit, and then across armpit to center of body.
♥ Lower the arm and brush from shoulder joint to center of body (above bust.)
♥ Brush under bust from side to center of body in one semi-circular stroke. Brush above bust in upward strokes toward neck.
Repeat same sequence on opposite arm.
♥ Brush waistline with upward strokes, front and back.
♥ Begin legs by brushing the bottom of the foot from toes to heel. Repeat on top of foot, toes to ankle.
♥ Brush from ankle to knee, all around the leg. Brush from knee to hip, all around the thigh. (Meaning # times on the front of the thigh, # times on the inner thigh, # times on the outer thigh, and # times on the back of the thigh.)
♥ Be certain to brush up the inner thigh and through the groin.
♥ Brush with upward strokes over entire butt and upper hip area. Repeat same sequence on opposite leg.
♥ Finish with upward strokes from abdomen to waistline, and “hip pad” area.

For best results, dry brush daily right before showering. This routine will take just 7-10
minutes and will give your skin a great workout and glow.

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