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You’ve Been Air-Drying Your Hair All Wrong.Best forms of beauty

Newsflash: You’ve Been Air-Drying Your Hair All Wrong 


Newsflash: You’ve Been Air-Drying Your Hair All Wrong

Air-drying is so darn alluring. All you need to do is towel off, walk out the door, and let Mother Nature do its thing, right? Well, not so much. Heat-free might be easy, but it doesn’t always look so great. In fact, without the right prep, it usually ends up looking limp, frizzy, or plain old blah. To unleash your hair’s natural bounce and glory, follow these air-drying best practices.

Tip 1. Not all towels are created equal.

As it turns out, the fibers in most bath towels can leave hair frizzy after all that rubbing and twisting to get rid of excess water. Even worse, the weight of a towel turban can pull on your roots, which tends to promote breakage. To cut down on drying time without sacrificing body and bounce, use an ultra-absorbent towel to remove excess moisture.

Tip 2. Comb it right.

For bountiful body, use a wide-tooth comb. Unlike densely-bristled synthetic brushes, this ace detangler evenly distributes product throughout your strands without interfering with your hair’s natural texture.

Tip 3. Tame the tangle.

Kick your air-drying journey off right by working a fast-acting detangler into freshly washed strands. We like Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle. This hydrating leave-in formula sinks in quickly to tame stubborn knots and minimize frizz.

Tip 4.Turn up the texture.

In his infinite wisdom, Lil Jon philosophizes, “Turn down for what?” When it comes to texture, we couldn’t agree more. If you’re into adding some wave and volume to your hair, opt for a salt spray like Davines This Is a Sea Salt Spray. It masks grease just like a dry shampoo, plus it adds that just-off-the-beach grit. If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to prep your hair at home, keep a similar product like Oribe’s travel-size Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray in your tote bag. The two-in-one spray uses volumizing wheat protein, vitamin B, copolymers, and amber extracts to pump up each hair shaft, while safflower seed oil tackles frizz.

Tip 5. Sleep on it.

If you’re a late night shower-taker, air-dried strands are your new BFF. Why? There are so many set-overnight styles. Whether you want to experiment with sleeping in buns, braids, or twists, all will give you waves without your needing to set foot near a hot tool. Simply spritz on Ojon’s volume advance™ Volumizing Styling Spray before you hit the hay to give your hair some hold. If you’ve got long hair, check out this dreamy wave tutorial.

Tip 6. Hands off!

Once your hair is dry, resist the urge to touch it. We love a finger twirl as much as the next gal, but your hand’s natural oils can leave behind a greasy residue and weigh hair down.
  Air-dry your ‘do the right way with these tips. 


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