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5 Weird Cures for Cellulite That Actually Work.Best forms of beauty

 These cures for cellulite may sound bizarre, but they actually work. 

Ah, the C word. Cellulite is nothing to be ashamed of, because let’s face it—most of us have it. Seriously, it’s believed to occur in roughly 90 percent of post-adolescent females. A number of variables factor into the development of the orange peel-esque dimpling, but none of that matters when all you want is to get rid of it. These five cures for cellulite may seem weird, but they’re actually pretty effective.
Given their watery, hydrating, vitamin-rich composition, we’re starting to think we should just be rubbing cucumber slices all over our bodies on the regular. External application of the phytochemicals in cucumber tighten collagen to firm the skin’s outer layer, resulting in an instant reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

Coffee Scrub
More evidence that coffee is the new must-have for your beauty routine: Caffeine dilates blood vessels, which serves to tighten the outer tissues of the skin. Used on skin, it’s also beneficial to your body’s ability to release toxins and metabolize fat. Making your own DIY coffee scrub is super simple—just combine unused grounds with some of your favorite skin oils, like almond or olive, and go to town!

Seaweed Baths
Thalassotherapy is a French skin care treatment that involves applying hot water and seaweed to the skin, either in the form of a bath or a “wrap.” Seaweed’s use as an anti-cellulite treatment comes from its high iodine content, which increases thyroid function and local circulation of blood flow.

Horse Chestnut Extract
Aescin is the active principle in the horse chestnut tree. The ingredient, when taken as a supplement, improves circulation and promotes anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive effects to curb swelling and strengthen capillaries, positively affecting the appearance and further development of cellulite.

Consuming gelatin has numerous health and body benefits, but it all comes down to the unlikely ingredient’s incredible efficacy in increasing collagen production. Gelatin powder can be found at any health food store and most grocery stores—just mix it into your favorite beverage once daily to counteract collagen deficiency, which is partly to blame for cellulite in the first place. And yes, Jell-o counts.

 Cellulite tricks you'll want to try before hitting the beach (via @Daily Makeover)
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