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20 hairstyle & haircare tricks for lazy girls.Best forms of beauty

 By Marisa Dalpiaz
I am a morning person and I don’t usually have a hard time waking up (once I’ve got coffee in hand), but the whole getting ready process is quite annoying to me. By the time I’ve decided what to wear for the day and put on what little makeup I can manage, I really just don’t have time to fuss much with my hair. They say, “You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce,” and I do, but I don’t have her hair stylist. Until it’s acceptable to leave the house looking like a wild animal, I will forever be on the search for lazy girl hair hacks
I have done some research on doing as little as possible when it comes to doing your hair and it seems like it can be done with a few tools and some good preparation. I have also discovered that there are definitely some hairstyles that are super cute and with practice, can be achieved in less than five minutes or while multitasking and accomplishing other things (which is exactly what a busy twenty-something holding down two jobs and a blog needs). It’s not that I am lazy in all aspects of life; however, if I am going to choose to be lazy about something, my hair seems like a good choice, particularly if I can make it look fabulous in a hurry. 
Here are 20 lazy girl hair hacks that are hopefully going to change my life and yours.
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