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10 Nail Shapes to Flatter Your Fingers.Best forms of beauty

10 Nail Shapes to Flatter Your Fingers


In a world where we tailor our clothing to flatter our figures and contour our cheekbones to flatter our faces, it would only make sense to choose the perfect nail shape to compliment our hands.  Not sure what nail shape is for you?  This post will help you get a handle on finding the right shape for you.

 ROUND:  Ideal for short nails, this shape has longer durability so it is best for those with weak nails.
 SQUARE:  A classic shape, square nails draw attention to hands and are perfect for medium and long nails, and those with larger nail beds.
 ROUNDED RECTANGLE:  A perfect balance of square and round, a touch more natural than the straight square shape.  This shape keeps long nails looking natural.
 SQUARED OVAL:  Another blended shape, this time combining the classic square with the graceful oval. This shape looks lovely on most fingers.
 OVAL:  The most elegant of shapes, the oval is flattering on all nails and adds length to fingers.
 ALMOND:  A narrow version of the oval. Perfect for those who lack symmetry on the sides of their nails.
 POINT:  Easily the trendiest of nail shapes right now, seen on the likes of Rihanna and the Kardashian clan.
 DIAMOND:  For those with acrylics and a love of nail art.
 EDGE:  An extremists dream!
FLAT TOP:  A flat edge for a short nail, this shape is perfect for the lady who doesn’t like a long talon.

Learn which nail shape would best flatter your fingers in our latest blog post! 

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