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Beauty Hacks .Best forms of beauty

Beauty Hacks

By Zoenchi

The morning clock is ticking and you are so late for work, school, or whatever. You still need to do those essential morning things you always do, like style your hair, put your favorite perfume on, wear some mascara or a nude lipstick, but you do not have time.
Looking for a fast way to become beautiful? Here are some secrets, last minute beauty hacks, and many of them you can find in your kitchen.
You will find some of the most hard working ingredients, that can be used for million things you will be surprised to discover.
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You may find Vaseline in a Pharmacy, and you better buy it because you will need it for:
  1. Removing your make-up. Use cotton balls, or simply your bare fingers to massage the skin and get rid of excessive stubborn make-up.
  2. Conditioning your eyelashes. Give your eyelashes some air and rest. Some people also swear the Vaseline has made their eyelash grow!
  3. Substitute of lip gloss. You are in a hurry and you can not find your lip gloss? Vaseline will solve the problem. Spread it with your fingers, but not too much.
  4. Smoothing the tattoo and it will save it from ripping.
  5. Rubbing it in the split ends of hair between haircuts, will give shine to hair, and it will treat the damaged ends.
  6. Mixing it with lipstick will create a creme blush, if you are in need of one.
  7. Rubbing it on your teeth will remove any lipstick stains that do not seem to go away.
  8. Placing in the skin where you usually wear your perfume, before you wear perfume on, will make the aroma last longer.
  9. Massaging the elbows and heels will soften them, and prevent the skin from cracking

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is the best vinegar recommended to be used in salads, and it also promotes weight loss. But beyond that, it does some beauty tricks too:
  1. You can rinse your hair with it to remove the shampoo build up.
  2. You can use it in your hair masks to prevent and treat dandruff.
  3. You can use it in your face too, to treat acne.
  4. In the face, the apple cider vinegar acts like a tonic. But, if you have sensitive skin, do not try it, because it is very strong ingredient. It is best recommended for oily skin.
  5. You can use it in your hair like a detangler, especially if you have very curly hair, like Afro-Americans do.
  6. You can apply in the dark spots in your face to correct hyper-pigmentation.
  7. You can use it on your skin to treat warts and skin tags. Apply a little and cover it with a band-aid.

Lemon and Acidic fruits

Acid works well on skin, especially in lightening the skin and getting rid of wrinkles, but use the fruits carefully.
  1. Lemons can be used by rubbing them on the elbows to get rid of discoloration.
  2. You can also use lemon on the face to even the skin tones.
  3. Lemons in the face also lightens the age spots.
  4. Mix lemon juice and equal parts of water and pour the mix in a spray bottle. Spray it on your hair to get natural highlights. Summer is ahead!
  5. Use a slice of pineapple as a loofah in the shower!
  6. You can use apple to fight the acne on the face, as they are filled with pectin. Blend it on a blender, to get its juice.
  7. Strawberry and baking soda make the perfect match to whiten your teeth. Just do not overuse it, because it will ruin the teeth's malt.

Make-up tools

Make up tools like mascara, blusher, eye-shadow, can be used for other jobs rather than what they usually are used for:
  1. Mascara can be used as an eye liner, if you have run out of one, and you have absolutely no possibility to find another one at the moment. Just dip it a little, and use it instead of the usual black liner, but be careful not to use too much as it will spread badly. Or spread it with a brush.
  2. Mascara can also be used to cover the gray hair, if your stylist can take care of you in the moment.
  3. You are missing eye shadow? Use a blusher. It would be better especially in earth tones.
  4. Swipe shimmery eye shadow in a neutral color to set your lipstick.


Save the Eggs for this beauty tricks:
  1. Spread eggs under your eyes, and let it dry to remove the puffy dark eye bags.
  2. If you have an oily skin, an egg white mask is the perfect solution. How to do it: take the white from the egg, and whisk it a little. Then, using a brush, spread it on your face. Let it thicken, and rinse with warm water.
  3. You can use eggs like a hair remedy too. Use a whole egg, or two if you have long hair. Whisk it, and wear it on. You can wear it only on your hair ends and head skin, or in the full hair length. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then shampoo your head well.

Olive oil

Beside using the olive oil for cooking and salads, you can also use it on your skin:
  1. You can use olive oil to remove make up after a long day. It will do wonders compared to your usual make-up remover. It will literally make you throw away your make-up remover.
  2. You can use olive oil to treat your oily skin. It does wonders even on this one, because it makes the excessive oil on your skin come out, so your skin cleans itself up.
  3. You can leave olive oil on the whole night, and wash it well in the morning with warm water. The skin will glow, and it will be so much smoother.
  4. You can use it like a hair mask. It will bring shine and glow to your hair, your hair will be healthier, and it will treat the split ends. Leave it on for 30 minutes, and shampoo well, or leave it on the whole night wearing a shower cap if you can do so.
  5. Olive oil on the skin also treats wrinkles, and makes the face look younger and fresher.
  6. For more olive oil benefits and how to use it to grow your hair longer read HERE

Looking for a fast way to become beautiful? Here are some secrets, last minute beauty hacks, and many of them you can find in your kitchen.

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