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how to get rid of dark spots on your face.Best forms of beauty

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Your Face, Whether They're From Melasma, Acne, Or Just Plain Getting Older

My mind immediately starts racing when I see a new pimple creeping up on my otherwise clear skin. The pimple itself is not the biggest problem — having oily skin and poor skin routines most of life has given me loads of experience in how to treat my pimple. I’m not about to pop that thing all willy-nilly and I’m confident that with ice and my homemade spot treatment, that pimple will see its death before I see anyone I’m trying to impress. What has me ripping through my closet of essential oils and natural skin treats and turning my kitchen into a science lab is what happens after the pimple: I need to find out how to treat dark skin spots.
For us brown-skinned babes, those dark spots are often darker than our skin and many topical treatments are treating the redness acne leaves behind, rather than lightening the remnants of our blemish. While I’ve used spot treatments that claim to alleviate both redness and dark spots, I wasn’t happy at the length of time (several months) it took OR the long list of ingredients that were surely drying out my skin. The best place I have found dark spot faders and removal remedies has been in nature and for only a fraction of the cost.
There are plenty of different reasons for dark spots to show up on our face that have nothing to do with acne or a poor skin routine. Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common and one of the hardest to get rid of. Often, melasma is caused by the UVA rays from the sun which is why suncreen OR natural protection from the sun is essential in our skincare. Unfortunately, while preventing sun damage is incredibly easy, reversing the effects can be a long, grueling process. Even if you’re diligent about your daily SPF, hyperpigmentation or melasma can also occur from hormonal changes from pregnancy and birth control.
Good news for pregnant ladies is that your pregnancy AND melasma will most likely be over soon. According to the Dermal Institute, natural and conventional treatments for hormonal melasma should only be started when birth control is stopped or else you’ll be fighting an uphill battle with your skin. how to get rid of dark spots on your face 

Lucky for those of us suffering from acne spots, age spots, or hyper pigmentation, the treatment doesn’t need a prescription or a bank loan. These natural dark spot removers have been tested by yours truly, but I’m not the only one bragging about the results of these natural remedies!

For Hormonal Melasma: Sugar, Nutmeg, and Coconut Mask

Start with 1/4 cup of brown sugar, 1 teaspoon of nutmeg, 1 tablespoon of coconut milk, and add 2-3 drops of clove essential oil. Leave the mask on your face for at least five minutes and rinse off with luke warm water. Be sure to apply a moisturizer with UV protection.Read more:

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