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How to get the most from mascara .Best forms of beauty

These simple techniques really coat and direct each lash for the best mascara application! 

 post + photography by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

 We all have our own ways of applying mascara and no one way is necessarily the right way… if you’re happy with the results, then it’s a good way for you! But these simple techniques really coat and direct each lash, so it’s definitely worth a try. Here’s how: 
  • Your Favorite Mascara — I used Tarte Gifted Amazonian Smart Mascara because it’s really hydrating and never dries out and flakes. I’m also obsessed with Covergirl Clump Crusher because no matter how many coats you apply, it doesn’t clump.
  • Lash Curler (optional) — This step is optional but personally I wouldn’t skip it unless you have naturally really flared and curly lashes. My favorite is the MAC Carine Roitfield Full Lash Curler because it’s wide enough for any eye size, it gives the most powerful pinch that I’ve found out there and it’s inspired by the editor of French Vogue. Need I say more?
  1. Give your lashes a quick squeeze with the lash curler to flare them upwards.
  2. Hold the wand horizontally and wiggle it while pulling the lashes towards your nose. Do this three times.
  3. Wiggle the wand while pulling the lashes away from your nose to fan them out. Do this three times as well.
  4. Rotate the wand vertically and paint each individual lash with the tip.
  5. Wiggle the wand across the bottom lashes. If you want to create the boldest bottom lashes possible, revisit my Bigger Bolder Bottom Lashes tutorial.
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