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Wedding hair week: High Curly Bun.The best forms of beauty

WEDDING HAIR WEEK: High Curly Bun | by emily meyers

Before I get started with today's post I'm excited to announce the winner of the Canon DSLR Giveaway from my lovely sponsors and I: Amanda D! Congratulations girl! Check your email! haha Thanks so much to everyone that supported my sponsors and I by entering, we love you guys! 
And happy Monday to you:) I still have a few more wedding looks in my little series, and this one is such a classic wedding/formal week, it just had to be included! What do you think?

Since I know already you're going to ask, I'll save you the trouble by sending you to Crave Jewels for these lovely drop earrings! Erin's shop is full to the brim with beautiful and timeless pieces, and I love how these simple jewels complete the look so perfectly. Stop by and say hi from me!

This full curly bun is such a glamorous statement, and even though it's a bun, no part of it says casual in any way. Between all that volume and those big curls, it has fancy shmancy written all over it.haha When you look up wedding styles guaranteed there will be a version of this at the top of the list because it's such a classic, beautiful look, and it will never go out of style! Lets get on with it:)

 Steps 1-4: (1) Start by putting your hair up in hot rollers or curling it in large chunks with a 1-2 inch curling iron. Wrap the very front section of your hair backwards. Once that's done (2) take your rollers out and spray your locks again lightly with some hairspray. (3) Fluff your curls a bit to loosen them from your head. Start pulling your hair back into your fist like you're forming a ponytail by taking 1-2 curls, (4) twisting them slightly clockwise or counter-clockwise before pulling it back.
 Steps 5-8: (5) move around the outside of your head like that, alternating clockwise and counter-clockwise. once all your hair is in your fits, (6) tie it off with a hair-tie. (7) Tug the curls out from your ponytail for lots of lift and volume, and start forming a loopy bun by taking about 2 curls worth of hair at a time and (8) looping them up easily around your fingers.
 Steps 9-12: (9) Securing the loops to your head in a random circle around the hair-tie. (10) Don't worry about making these loops perfect or the placement of them, there is no right or wrong at this point! When you're on the last loop, make sure that the hair-tie is covered or cover it with that. (11) Add more volume to your bun by spreading the loops out a bit, stick your fingers inside and fluff up your bun once more. Spray your bun well with hair-spray, and you're all good to go! 
I love this style because it's the prefect opportunity for someone like me with thin hair to make it look really big up on my head! It's also not only for weddings or proms remember but would be awesome for any night out or dressy event of any kind:) Also remember that if you have short hair you'll really want to add in some extensions so you can get the fullness out of the bun, but also it'll help to tease the curls a bit before rolling them around your finger and pinning them into the bun. And you should be all set!

Thanks for stoppin' by, and I hoep you have a great day!

  Love this hair--tried it and it stayed all day, easy tutorial to follow
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