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How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker With Makeup?The best forms of beauty

by Dr. Sahiba 
Your eyes are undeniably your best beauty asset. You do not have to wear a dramatic eye makeup every time; just define your brows, add kohl and mascara and see the difference in your look. Whether you are blessed with shapely brows or not, grooming them a little does enhance your complete look. For those, who think a little thickness added to your brows is just what is required, then this post is for you. So, here is a step by step illustration on how to get your eyebrows thicker with the help of makeup.
let’s start with the tutorial then.

How to Make Eyebrows Thicker?

Step 1:

moisturized eyebrows
Start with clean and moisturized eyebrows.

Step 2:

 hair fall in place
Comb your brows to make the hair fall in place and to know what shape you need to follow. I have used Vega’s eye brow comb here.
Now, you can go for any of the three methods for filling up your eye brows – pencil, powder or wax. I find that using a pencil makes the job a lot easier. Some particular brands make wonderful eye brow pencils that stay put whole day without the need of a primer or fixer. You can also use combination of pencil and powder to get the perfect filling and color. I am using Rimmel London’s professional eye brow pencil in the shade black brown.

Step 3:

pencil starting Start filling your eye brow with the pencil starting from the innermost point (towards the nose). Just go along the natural shape of your eye brows and do not try creating a different shape initially. Also, be careful not to start exactly from where the hair growth begins. Darkening eyebrows in that area can sometimes make your eye brows look unnatural. Just remember to go with light and short strokes and do not try to color it all at once.

Step 4:

dark makeup See in the image. We have filled the eye brow till the half way, coloring with a gentle hand and not making it very dark.
Step 5:
eye brow
natural shape
Here, we complete filling the entire length of the eye brow, thickening just a little bit more than its natural shape.
Now, since pencil strokes alone can sometimes look patchy, we are going to use powder as well for the perfect finish. Use a matte brown eye shadow powder for this step. Choose the shade of brown according to your natural brow color. Even the blackest eyebrows need dark brown powder and not a black one. So, keep that in mind or else you’ll end up having unnatural looking eye brows. Also, we are going to use a smudger brush and an angled brush for this step.
Step 6:
smudger brush
Use the smudger brush to fill the powder in the center portion of the brow and use an angled brush to fill the powder along the outer margin.
Step 7:
powder work
This is how the eye brow looks after pencil and powder work.
Step 8:
Brush off the excess powder along the shape and you are done. You may use concealer above and below the eyebrow to make the eye brows stand out. But, since I already have a well contrasting skin tone, I do not use a concealer.
Step 9:
eye brow looks This is how the eye brow looks finally. You can see the difference for yourselves – how defined eye brow looks so much better.
eye brow looks finally
Here is a comparison image. This is how to get thicker eyebrows.
Hope the tutorial was helpful to you. Don’t forget to try it and share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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