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How to apply eye makeup.Best forms of beauty

How to apply eye makeup

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 Eyes are a special and important feature in our whole face. Eyes define as the most beautiful and attractive feature of the face. There are different types of eye shapes and color people feature. You can make your eyes more bigger, more attractive by applying some make up techniques. Whether you want a natural eye makeup or stunning, these tips can help you much.
 First of all wash your face thoroughly with a face wash and remove all the leftover mascara and eye liner. If you have a dry skin then applies moisturizing lotion under your eye towards nose. Then dry the face with soft towel.
 Apply eye shade with brush on the eyelid from the inner corner and move the shade towards the end corner.Under the brow bone are you should use soft and delicate colors like white gold. Now blend the eye shades with your finger or a brush to even them. It would look more natural.
After completing eye shade apply eye liner neatly with a brush or you can use a liner pencil then apply mascara. You also can apply eye liner under your eye from the end corner. It will give your eyes a big look.
 Great for beginners such as myself. have a hard time with understanding how to apply eye make up.. this looks simple enough to give it a try :) - Click image to find more Hair Beauty Pinterest pins
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