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fall hair color best forms of beauty

fall hair color ---- loveeee.

Feel uninhibited in front of the camera and let your personality shine through your photos.  Move around, laugh out loud, smile, smolder.  The point is to convey natural emotion.  Sure, you might look crazy doing it, but no one ever called you normal.  I kid, I kid.  Besides, the best part about taking your own picture is that over time, you learn how to pose.  For instance, it can look funny to pose with arms straight at the side.  (At least in my case).  So, bend an elbow slightly, or put hands on the waist to break up the length.  Over time, you learn what looks good, what doesn't, what you like, what you don't, and you can take all that information and direct others when you are behind the lens.  And that's a beautiful thing.  

It's All in the Numbers.
Take tons of photographs.  Take 100.  Take 200.  Take 400.  The more photos you take, the more chances for capturing that perfect picture.  Because let's face it, we don't look flawless in every photo.  There are eye blinks, bad angles, funny expressions, out of place accessories, the list goes on.  Bottom line is, more photos means more options.  Period.
 fall hair color ---- loveeee. I'm happy with my current color, but for the future maybe this is a great color!

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