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The Single Best Butt Exercise On Earth.The best forms of beauty

 [UberExercise] Hip Thrusts: The Single Best Butt Exercise On Earth
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[UberExercise] Hip Thrusts: The Single Best Butt Exercise On Earth. Wanna perk up and tone up your butt? You HAVE to do hip thrusts. 

If you’re active in the fitness social media world you’ve probably seen one of the many images and articles promoting the idea that the key to a better booty is…the squat. Want to shape your rear-end…squat. Not working…? Squat more. Squat heavier. Squat differently. That’s usually how it goes.
Squats are one of the best all-around exercises and should be a staple in any resistance training program, but they may not be the best exercise specifically for the glutes. Before this myth is debunked, and because squats are here to stay, it’s important to know how to get the most out of your squats. If one of your goals from squatting is to build a more toned bottom, then aside from the basic principles of progressive overload (adding more weight, reps, and/or sets with time), the most important factor is squat depth. We know from EMG data that the glutes achieve greater activation with increasing depth — if your mobility allows for it, go ATG (ass to grass).1
Now onto the barbell hip thrust, the big brother of the barbell glute bridge. The barbell hip thrust is essentially a barbell glute bridge, except that rather than starting with your back on the floor, your back starts resting on a bench or aerobic steps. By elevating your torso in the starting position, it allows your hips to extend through a greater range of motion. Because the gluteus maximus is the primary hip extensor, it’s the perfect set up to work the glutes. Additionally, the hip thrust is an ideal glute exercise since maximal activation occurs closest to the end range of motion (full hip extension).2
And if the barbell hip thrust is the big brother to the barbell glute bridge, then the banded hip thrust is like the brother from another mother. The banded hip thrust is an excellent variation because the bands provide increased resistance as you get closer to the end of your range of motion. If you have trouble engaging your glutes during various other exercises, the banded glute bridge is the quickest way to set your buns on fire.[read more]

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