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Holiday party makeup inspiration.The best forms of beauty

by Augusta Falletta 

Whether you’re hosting or attending, the next few weeks are sure to have at least one or two holiday parties. Seeing old friends, making new ones and the unavoidable Instagram-ing of the festivities all mean one thing: you’ve got to look on top of your game. A fresh hairstyle and new dress can work wonders, but considering the amount of face time you’ll be spending with people, your makeup will pull your entire look together.
If you’re heading to an intimate gathering, company party, or an all out holiday bash, we’ve found a makeup look for you. From red lips to bold brows to cat eyes that make everyone envious, there’s a holiday look for you to impress long lost friends and make a lasting impression on new faces.
Most importantly, remember to prep your face with a good cleanser and lotion to make your makeup last for the entire party. Afterwards, don’t forget to remove your makeup and wash your face to avoid ringing in the new year with less-than-great skin.
Do you have gorgeous plans this holiday season? Tell us about them in the comment section below! 
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holiday party makeup inspiration 
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