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Grow your hair longer: how to.The best forms of beauty

How to grow your hair longer? 
 By Zoenchi

We are girls, and I bet, we all dream about having long beautiful healthy hair, hair that will make us feel prettier. You may have had it, but you cut it off, or it was damaged, so many split ends. or You may have kept the hair short, or even like a pixie cut, for a very long time, but now you are obsessed to grow them longer. or You want to prevent hair loss. Whatever your reason is, our wish is the same, and I will help you make it a reality.
I had long beautiful hair until a year ago when I cut them off. The reason behind my action, I got tired of my sun burnt, lifeless, damaged, broken hair, in that point, that it did not seem to ever get back in the right mood.
So, I used the scissors to solve the problem. I cut my hair in a long A-bob side. The style looked nice on me, and I felt really good, a new me.
But, the great feeling did not last. After a while, I caught myself missing my long hair, so I began searching and clicking every link on the internet promising hair growing long.

The secret to grow longer hair

Natural Do it Yourself Masks!
Yes, I said that homemade masks did not help me, but I did find one that helped me, a lot.
In fact, you do not need many ingredients. You only need one ingredient, and you absolutely find it in your kitchen. Something you use to cook with, and as a salad dressing. It is: Olive Oil. Just make sure to have:
  • olive oil from your kitchen,
  • a bowl to heat it,
  • and that is all.
 How to grow your hair longer? Click on the photo twice :) zoenchi.blogspot....

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