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Dry brushing/ Body Brush – Beautiful Skin.The best forms of beauty

Dry brushing/ Body Brush – Beautiful Skin

 Dry Brushing is a simple and cheapest way for a soft, younger looking and healthy skin. It helps to improve blood circulation and enhance detoxification through skin.
There are many benefits of dry brushing and some of them are:
* It removes the dead skin from the surface of skin allowing your skin to breath,
* the increasing blood flow rejuvenates your skin for a healthy glow,
* tightens the skin,
* helps to get rid of wrinkles and firms the skin,
* anti-aging

How to dry brush you ask??
1. Start with your right feet ( one leg at a time ) in circular motion then move upwards and brush the front of the legs and also the back with short upward strokes.
2 . You can skip the delicate skin around the thighs.
3.  Once you finish the lower half start with the right hand and brush the tips of your finger and then work your way upwards.
4. Then brush one side of your back, then your stomach brushing your way up to the chest in upward strokes, avoid the tender delicate areas.
5. now repeat the same to the left side of your body, starting with the feet, legs, hands, back, stomach and neck.

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* Avoid the face while dry brushing, the body brushes will be too rough for the face.
* The best time to brush is before taking a shower, You can dry brush in the shower, once you have finished brushing rinse and bath as you normally would.
* You can do this everyday or once or twice a week depending on your skin type.
* Wash your brush once a week to clean it and dry it under the sun in an open air.Dry brushes comes with a handle and also a hand brush, the handle brush is easy to brush the back and legs while the hand brush can be used for the body.

Regular dry brushing of your skin increases circulation, stimulates elimination of cellulite, and softens and smooths your skin surface. It can also improve lymphatic drainage, sluggish immune systems and poor digestion. 

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