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The inner thighs and lower glutes.The best forms of beauty

Buns & Thighs

2 exercises for hard-to-target areas

This week, I’m so excited to share with you two new exercises to work a few of those hard-to-target areas: the inner thighs and lower glutes. Together, these exercises create a killer BUNS and THIGHS SUPERSET that can be incorporated into your current lower body training program. You can begin your lower body workout with this superset to get those hard-to-target muscles firing. Or, you can tag the superset onto the end of your workout to give your buns and thighs one final burn. Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

Complete 5 sets of the following two exercises.
Lower Glute/Inner Thigh Squeeze: 20 reps Weighted Sumo Squat with Heels Elevated: 20 reps

Exercise Descriptions

Get Ready. Set up the abductor/adductor machine as if you were going to do inner thigh work but decrease the leg pad/foot holster width. I position it about a third of the width that I would normally use for inner thigh work. (See demonstration picture). Select a light weight, as going too heavy will strain your knees. I typically use 20 to 40 pounds. Place your knees on the seat, position the leg pads between your calves and ankles, and grab onto the back pad.
Work. With your glutes pressed back and your abdominals tight, squeeze your inner thighs and lower glutes to push the pads together. Keeping the glutes and thighs tight, return to the beginning position and repeat.
 Never thought to use the adductor/abductor machine this way! Awesome idea. Peeps might think I'm crazy! 
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