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Christmas Nail Art Tutorial.The best forms of beauty

 Christmas Nail Art Tutorial
Christmas Nail Art perfect for the beginner.  Thats what this tutorial is all about.  I wanted to ease myself into the festive nails season after a somewhat hectic couple of months work wise.  
So this is just a spin on a french tip. And I'm sure anyone will be able to recreate this look.
For this, you'll need a couple of polishes.  And a nail art brush to create some lines. Don't worry if you don't have a nail art brush, I'll point you in the direction of a you tube video which will show you how to make one.  Oh, and you will also need some scotch tape or some round sticky dots.
I usually like to let you how long this will take.  But when I was completing this design I was also moving my kitchen from a spare room back into my new kitchen.  So I really have no idea of exactly how long it took me.
I've created a video  tutorial for you.  Sometimes it's just easier to see the process than read about it.  You'll find this further down the page.

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