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This CELLULITE-BUSTING yoga.The best forms of beauty

Fight Cellulite Fast With Yoga

Supported shoulder stand

  Credit: Thomas Hoefgen

Lie on a mat with a folded blanket under shoulders so neck and head are 1–2 inches lower than shoulders. Pushing palms against mat, bend knees. Lift feet, butt, and lower back off mat and reach legs overhead, aiming toes toward the ground behind you.

Bend elbows and place palms against lower back for support as you lift legs and reach feet toward ceiling. Hold for 30 seconds, working up to 5 minutes.

Make it easier: Snuggle your back and butt up to a wall, then twist around so legs are straight up the wall while you lie back on the ground. (Your butt should still be tight up against where the wall meets the ground.) Press your thighs into the wall as you keep your feet parallel and slightly flexed; hold for 5 minutes.
Why you gotta start doing Supported Shoulder Stand every day: This CELLULITE-BUSTING yoga move reverses blood flow and eases the gravitational pull on your legs and butt. |

 Great yoga moves to help reduce the formation of cellulite. 

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